chicky baby


One of the best children’s books to teach your child to count to twelve (12) with help from the fun-loving Chicky Baby chickens from the magical Adventures In Hogtown series. Delightful and interactive!

Grades: P-K

“My kids loved it and thought the chicky sounds were great! An awesome book to learn your numbers.”

“Very fun!”



Join Patrocles (pa-trō-klēs) as he says good bye to his barnyard friends and moves from the country to the city of Hogtown.  What exciting places, food and friends will he discover in his new neighborhood? And, find out if Patrocles will ever see his barnyard friends again? One of the best children’s books for families who are moving with children. Ages 5-8

Recognized in 2013 by NeuroNet as one of the Top 10 Paired Reading Resources for use with children with learning challenges.

My Tio’s Pulse


The first of its kind, My Tio's Pulse explains what happened at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016. The events are referenced in a clear and simple way that gives children the tools to talk about difficult topics and empowers them to feel safe. Story by Keith Newhouse and expert language from psychotherapist Kenny Tello, who worked directly with children affected by Pulse. John Carmean, Illustrator